Smoked Bacon

Hello, my name is Caroline and I’m addicted to bacon.  Yes I went there.  But really, tell me who doesn’t like bacon?  I truly think I could become a vegetarian if it wasn’t for bacon.  I saw an article recently about some scientists that made seaweed that looked and tasted like bacon.  I don’t buy it for an instant.  There’s no substitute for bacon.  I mean, you could use some pancetta in a pinch, but it’s not the same.  I happen to like thick cut bacon.  There’s nothing better.  One time I let KB go grocery shopping for me, and he bought the wrong kind of bacon.  It wasn’t his fault he was wrong.

Anyways, I decided to smoke my own bacon the other day.  I don’t really have a recipe for you because I used a kit.  I went to the farmers market early since there’s only one farmer that has pork belly and he only brings one each week.  So I bought my pork belly and I bought a kit.  You can find it on Amazon.


It was pretty easy.


Cure the pork belly.  Let it sit for about 5-7 days.



Then rinse it off.


Place in smoker.  We have a tiny smoker, so I had to cut it in half to fit.  It just made shorter bacon.


Let smoke until the thermometer from the kit pops out.  You could also bake for 2-3 hours on a low heat per the kit.


When done it will look like this:


Cool in refrigerator to make it easier to cut.


Then fry in frying pan.  And eat.