Corn and Avocado Salad

Every time I want to get KB to eat his vegetables, I always make corn and avocado salad.  I make it year round and change up the flavors with different seasonings, vinegars/lemon or lime juice and plenty of other additions to delight the palate.  There’s never any leftovers.  I don’t think it would be quite as good the next day.

It’s best to use vegetables like corn when they are in season.  But I’ve tried this dish with frozen or canned corn and still had pretty good results, so I would say you could make this any time of year.

This dish is so simple, it just involves cutting up vegetables, adding seasonings, and dressing it.  Here’s how I did it last night:

1. Diced avocado and green onions (you could also add different vegetables here – cucumber, jalepeno, red onion).

2. Opened a can of corn (I usually like to use fresh corn and saute in butter…you could also use frozen corn and saute in butter).

3. Seasoned with salt and pepper and garlic powder (you could use any type of seasoning – I’ve even added some cayenne pepper for a little heat).

4. Added 2 Tablespoons of blueberry vinegar (you could use any type of vinegar – apple cider, white wine, balsamic, or lemon or lime juice).

5. Mix together and taste.