Grilled Bacon and Brie

I told you I went on a grilled cheese bender.  And why not?  There’s nothing better than a grilled cheese sandwich in my book.  The ultimate comfort food.  The other day I had a wheel of brie sitting in my fridge and I decided to make grilled bacon and brie.  Mind you, I had never used brie in a grilled cheese sandwich before, and bacon is good in everything, so I put the two together.  It’s nothing new but it sure is special!  And LJB decided he was going to eat half.

The funny thing is, I had never seen grilled bacon and brie on a sandwich menu UNTIL I made this sandwich at home.  Then the very next restaurant I went to, it was there!  And now I can only think about making it again.  And ways in which I would make it even better (think some kind of marmalade or jam to go with it…maybe some caramelized onions….) YUM!

Start by buttering your bread.


And then place bread in skillet, butter side down.  Top with brie cheese.


Then add your bacon.  Think I used 3 slices, but you can never have too much bacon.


Then top with your other slice of bread.  Normally I am a proponent of more cheese on top of the bacon to glue the sandwich together, but I have found that the melting qualities of brie make it conducive to just using the brie on one side of the sandwich and it melts and runs through the bacon.


Grill both sides until golden brown and crispy and the cheese is melty.


Serve and enjoy!




It’s that simple.  Butter your bread.  Layer bread (butter side down) and cheese and bacon in a frying pan. Toast over medium heat until bread is brown and cheese is melted.