Everything Bacon and Egg Salad Sandwich

Have you ever had the Everything Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s?  I have and it’s absolutely delicious.  KB and I both decided we liked it at the same time and we blew through a bottle in no time…sprinkling it on everything.  It’s such a delicious blend of seasoning; garlic, salt, sesame seeds, everything you would find on an everything bagel, in the form of a seasoning.  I think they call it everything bagel seasoning because it is like an everything bagel and it goes great on absolutely everything.  It goes great on things like avocado toast, fried rice, and even egg salad!  Which is what brings me to this “Everything Bacon and Egg Salad Sandwich.”

So of course, after Easter I had a bunch of hard boiled eggs to use up.  And what better thing to make with hard boiled eggs than egg salad?  So I decided to make a rather deluxe sort of egg salad sandwich, with a toasted hamburger bun, some sliced cucumbers for crunch and a little bit of crispy bacon for a little bit of extra salt and extra deliciousness.  Here’s what I did:

Start by toasting the buns in salted butter over medium heat.  Remove when golden brown.

Then fry the bacon until crispy.

Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, add the following ingredients: diced hard boiled egg, diced red onion, capers (or pickles), mayonnaise, and everything bagel seasoning.

Mix well to combine.

Build your sandwich.  Toasted bun, cucumber on bottom, egg salad, bacon on top.  Serve and enjoy!

2 hamburger buns
2 Tablespoons salted butter
2 slices bacon
4 hard boiled eggs
2 Tablespoons mayonnaise
1 Tablespoon capers (or diced pickles)
2 Tablespoons red onions, diced
1 generous teaspoon of Everything Bagel Seasoning (can be found at Trader Joe’s or Walmart)
sliced cucumbers

In a medium frying pan over medium heat, toast the hamburger buns in salted butter.  When golden brown, remove from heat.  Fry bacon until crispy.  Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix together the hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, capers, red onions and everything bagel seasoning.  Then build the sandwich; bun, cucumbers, egg salad, bacon, top bun.  Serve and enjoy!