Vodka Micheladas

I never really knew what a michelada was until I got my most recent issue of Food and Wine magazine in the mail the other day.  I was browsing through it and found two recipes that looked so interesting I had to try.  So the first one was for jalapeno and citrus infused vodka.  I like spicy.  And I like vodka.  So I thought – put the two together and you can’t go wrong.  And because you need the jalapeno and citrus infused vodka in order to make the second recipe – Vodka Micheladas, I was on a roll.  Of course since I wasn’t quite sure what a michelada was – I googled it and I was able to determine that michelada is a Mexican drink traditionally made of beer, lime juice, and various spices.  So this Vodka Michelada is similar in that it uses spices, but instead of beer, it uses the spicy jalapeno and citrus infused vodka and seltzer water.

Here’s the recipes straight from the magazine:


Jalapeno and Citrus Infused Vodka

32 oz vodka
1 jalapeno, cut in half lengthwise
zest of 2 lemons peeled in large strips with a vegetable peeler

Combine all of the ingredients in a jar and let stand at room temperature overnight.  Strain, discarding the jalapeno and citrus zest.


Vodka Michelada

sea salt
1 lime wedge
1/4 cup fresh lime juice
3 oz jalapeno and citrus infused vodka
4 dashes of worcestercire sauce
2 dashes of soy sauce
2 dashes of hot sauce
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
6 oz chilled seltzer
2 strips of crispy bacon for garnish

Spread the sea salt on a small plate.  Moisten the rims of 2 old-fashioned glasses with the lime wedge.  Dip the rims in the salt.  Fill the glasses with ice.  In a cocktail shaker, combine all of the remaining ingredients except the seltzer and bacon and stir well.  STrain the drink into the glasses.  Top with the seltzer, garnish with the bacon and serve.