Browned Butter Lobster Roll

My name is Caroline and I’m addicted to lobster rolls.  There, I’ve said it.  That wasn’t so hard.  Something about the sweet meat of the lobster and the saltiness of the butter.  Oh, the butter.  I like the hot lobster roll with the lobster warmed in butter and then piled on a roll.  And the ratio of lobster to roll had better be good.  It’s hard  for me in the summer, because any time there’s a lobster roll on the menu, I like to order it and try it.  Except the other day, a friend told me they had lobster rolls at McDonald’s. And somehow, I wasn’t even tempted to go try.

I’m not really a fan of the lobster salad (cold lobster with mayonnaise).  But something is telling me to make a lobster salad BLT. Stay tuned for that one.

Anyways, the other day I was at the grocery store and I saw this little guy and decided to take it home for lunch!  Of course, the challenge for me was to extract enough meat for a lobster roll, without eating it all in the process.




Really, if you think about it, a hot lobster roll is one of the easiest things in the world to make.  All you need is a roll, a lobster and some butter.  Lunch (or dinner) is served!

So after I got my lobster meat extracted, I set out to make a browned butter lobster roll.  Because how do you make a lobster roll any better?  Try it with browned butter.  The nuttiness adds another dimension.

Start by melting butter in a pan.


Then toast your roll.  I used a split top hot dog roll.  Somewhat hard to find on the West Coast.


Then make your browned butter.  You can use the same pan that you toasted your roll in.  Just add more butter.  A lot more.  Let melt and start to turn brown.


At this point, add your lobster.  It will continue to brown as you heat your lobster in the butter.


Pile on top of your toasted bun.  Garnish with a few scallions or chives if you desire.  Enjoy!



1 – 1.5 lb lobster, cooked
6 Tablespoons butter
Split top hot dog roll (or other roll)
scallions or chives for garnish

Extract lobster meat from shell.  Set aside.  In a frying pan, melt 2 Tablespoons butter.  Toast hot dog roll on both sides.  Set aside. Melt remaining 4 Tablespoons butter in same pan until it starts to brown.  Add lobster and toss in butter until lobster is warm.  Pile on top of roll and garnish with scallions or chives.