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Boozy Cherries

Cherries are my weakness.  Ask anyone.  I used to send KB to the farm stand on his way home from work when we lived in California.  Especially during cherry season.  There’s nothing better.  Yes, they’re more work because they have those little pits in the middle.  But it’s worth it.   Sometimes, I give the

Blueberry Margarita

Everyone loves a good margarita.  Especially me.  The best margarita I ever had was at the bar across the street from the Hotel California in Mexico when KB and I were visiting his aunt and uncle.  We got the secret recipe, bought a few bottles of the secret ingredient to take home with us and

Sangria – 2 ways

I went on a bit of a sangria bender over the weekend.  The weather’s been getting nicer and we’ve been outdoors so much more.  And therefore I felt the need to make sangria.  2 ways.  Just because.  Well the first time wasn’t an accident.  And I went to the store with the intent to get

Vodka Micheladas

I never really knew what a michelada was until I got my most recent issue of Food and Wine magazine in the mail the other day.  I was browsing through it and found two recipes that looked so interesting I had to try.  So the first one was for jalapeno and citrus infused vodka.  I