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Paleo Sweet Potato Nachos

Nachos.  Chips.  Meat.  Melted Cheese.  Nothing better.  Unless you’re trying to eat healthy.  And then you have to find something that will satisfy that craving for nachos, but not have all the calories and fat. So I really can’t claim credit for the idea of this recipe.  I saw it floating around one of the

Clean Mustard Almond Crusted Salmon

Salmon is probably my favorite fish.  I’m not sure when my love affair with salmon started…maybe when I lived in Alaska?  It’s something about the taste, whether it’s raw (sushi) or cooked.  I don’t really make sushi since by the time I catch the fish and get it home, it will not be as fresh.

Clean Orange Chicken

Probably one of life’s guiltiest pleasures is orange chicken.  Little deep-fat-fried nuggets of deliciousness.  With a sticky-sweet orange glaze. Yummmmmmm…oh so good, but oh so bad for you.  Well I set out the other day to change that.  What I came up with is the healthy version of that take-out orange chicken that everyone loves.

Clean Asian Turkey Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of those meals that is like a blank slate.  You can pretty much add anything to your meatloaf and it will taste completely different each time.  I like adding different flavors to my meatloaf, especially if I am trying to make it “clean.”  Let’s be honest, a classic bacon-wrapped meatloaf…using meatloaf mix

Clean Baked Eggs with Spinach and Chickpeas

I was such a fan of the shakshuka I made the other day (spicy baked eggs in a tomato sauce) that I decided to do a variation on it for dinner the other night.  KB and I are still trying to eat clean, so I thought, why not throw in some spinach and chickpeas and

Clean Mediterranean Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms

So I recently discovered freekeh.  I think I’ve written about it before because it’s not the first time I’ve made it.  I always call it freaky in my head.  Even though it’s actually pronounced different.  Anyways, it’s not like anyone will know if I don’t say it out loud and make a fool out of

Turkey Sausage Frittata with Sweet Potato Hashbrown Crust

I normally consider myself a good speller.  But I straight up had to Google how to spell frittata correctly in order to write this post.  I mean, there’s so many t’s and so many different combinations of t’s in the word it could make even the best speller insane.  Thank goodness for Google. Anyways, sometimes

Coconut – Lemongrass Soup

We’re in the middle of a blizzard right now.  Snow.  Snow.  More snow.  With no signs of stopping.  We probably have close to 2 feet here at the house.  So I thought I’d talk about something warm and comforting, yet clean.  Like this coconut-lemongrass soup.  It’s got a nice Asian flavor to it and you

Clean and Spicy Baked Eggs

I read about this dish once called shakshuka and it intrigued me.  Probably because of the name.   It just sounds funny.  I said it 5 times real quick to my 5 year old and she thought I was hilarious.  Translated, it’s supposed to mean “a mixture.”  Not really sure if that’s true, but it’s

Clean Chicken Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili

I waited forever this year for winter.  I probably cursed myself by wishing for snow.  But you know what?  Last year we had TONS of snow by the beginning of December. Big fluffy flakes, with which to make Olaf.  But this year not so much.  We barely got snow in January.  And of course the