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Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

I love breakfast for dinner.  There, I said it.  It’s out there and I can’t take it back.  I don’t want to take it back, in fact, I embrace it.  If having breakfast for dinner is wrong, I don’t need to be right.  The other day KB suggested I make breakfast for dinner using some

Super Easy Cheesy Breakfast Sliders

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  Absolute favorite, hands down.  So much that I could eat it 3 meals a day.  Although, sometimes it seems like a chore making breakfast for my children before school.  They both usually want different things; one would be satisfied eating waffles or pancakes daily and the other

Cheesy Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but it’s also my favorite.   It really starts my day off on the right foot and keeps me going.   If I had to skip a meal, it most certainly would not be breakfast.  Some people may disagree with me and that’s their right, but

Breakfast Street Tacos

Did you know there’s such a thing as a taco diet?  A diet in which you eat only tacos.  I think I could be onboard with that.  Tacos are seriously my favorite.   The kids love them too.  Sometimes when I’m making something I don’t think they’ll eat, I put it in a tortilla and tell

Cheesy Mushroom Toast

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with avocado toast.  Trust me I’ve had it and you won’t hear me complaining. There’s something very comforting about toast…the ultimate carbohydrate as a vehicle for deliciousness.  And I always make toast with real butter.  Real, salted, butter.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that.  A crispy piece of bread slathered with

Fancy French Toast

Pain perdu.  I guess that’s what I should have called this recipe.  Pain perdu.  Say that six times real fast. Fancy French Toast sounds just as fancy.  I’ve always thought french toast was just kind of plain.  I mean, how fancy is it really when it’s just bread dipped in a mixture of eggs, milk

Breakfast Ramen

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day…or so they say!  And I am a big believer in breakfast.  Especially breakfast ramen.  I can’t claim credit for this – I saw a video on the internet for breakfast ramen and of course I wanted to try.  I used to eat a lot of ramen

Lobster BLT Sandwich

The great Beckmann move of 2016 is complete!  Finally.  We are settled in our new house in Avon Lake, Ohio…with a bunch of boxes. I think I have a good system every time I move, but I’m always finding room for improvement.  One of the best rules I’ve instituted is that I get a month

BLT Grilled Cheese

Remember how I went on a grilled cheese bender a few months ago?  I mean, can you blame a girl?  Carbs…cheese…what’s not to love about a grilled cheese?  So the other day I saw a picture/video of a BLT grilled cheese which made me drool…which meant (of course) I had to make one.  I didn’t

California Breakfast Sandwiches

I always ask my tiny humans what they want for breakfast first.  8 times out of 10, they want a waffle, toaster pastry, or something sweet.  The rest of the time they want “egg sammiches.”  Which normally consists of me scrambling some eggs with bacon, adding cheese and putting it between two slices of bread