The Best Breakfast Sandwich…EVER!

I’ve been making this breakfast sandwich for about 14 years.  The same way.  With the same ingredients. Because if it’s not broken, don’t fix it?  Because how can you beat a bagel, bacon, eggs and cheese?  KB will tell you that he added the raw onions, and honestly, he probably did.  I really couldn’t tell you because I’ve been making it for so long.  Of course since it came about when we first started dating, I can probably give him credit for the raw onions.  And honestly, the breakfast sandwich has definitely been done a million + 1 ways, but this is how I make it.  And I do think it’s the best.

Start by cooking your bacon in a frying pan.


Meanwhile toast your bagel and spread with real butter.  We’ve tried fake butter before and it just isn’t the same.  The type of bagel is really up to you…I’ve gone through phases…recently I’m on an everything bagel kick…


Place the cooked bacon on top of one side of the bagel.


And then in the same pan you cooked your bacon (feel free to drain some of the grease), fry your eggs.  I used to make them over hard, and break the yolks, but now I think I like them over medium with a little bit of runny yolk.  Feel free to make them how YOU like them.


Place a piece of cheese on top of the egg.


Then place the egg and cheese on the other side of the bagel.  Top with sliced raw onions and pepper.  I don’t usually add salt since the bacon and bacon grease (to cook the egg) are plenty salty.


Close and consume.  KB and the kids add ketchup, but I’m a purist.



4 everything bagels (or your choice)
8 slices of bacon
4 eggs
4 slices of cheddar cheese (you can mix and match this with your favorite cheese…pepper jack is also good)
thinly sliced raw onion
coarse ground black pepper

Cook your bacon in a pan.  Meanwhile, toast your bagel.  Slather generously with butter.  Place cooked bacon on one side of bagel.  In same pan you cooked the bacon, fry eggs.  I make them over-medium or over-hard with yolks broken.  Top with sliced cheddar cheese (or cheese of your choice).  Place egg and cheese on other half of bagel.  Add sliced raw onion and black pepper.  Close the sandwich and consume!