Pancake Breakfast Tacos

So this is like Pancakes Part Two…Pancake Breakfast Tacos.  You know how I mentioned yesterday that I’m more of a savory breakfast person?  Yup, I like bacon and eggs.  But who doesn’t?  Anyways, I was on a roll after I made my buttermilk pancakes.  And I thought, how can I make these more savory?  Why yes, I will make a pancake breakfast taco.  And if you haven’t tried it, you simply must.

I told KB what I was doing and he had a weird look on his face.  Perhaps because he eats ketchup on his eggs and I don’t.  I’m not sure I would enjoy ketchup on pancakes.  So I made it.   Without ketchup.  Because I don’t eat ketchup and eggs.  And he was watching me eat.  Very closely.  And I could tell he wanted a bite.  So I gave him one.  One bite that is.  I wasn’t giving up that taco. And he was a believer.

Back to my tacos.  I used the same buttermilk pancake recipe for my tacos that I did for my pancake bar. Martha hasn’t steered me wrong yet.  Here’s a link:

And then I started by crisping some bacon in a frying pan.


Added a scrambled egg.


Used the pancake as my taco shell.  Filled with the scrambled egg.  Topped with green onion and cheddar cheese.