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Southwestern Quinoa Salad

Southwestern Quinoa Salad

Quinoa used to intimidate me.  Until I started cooking it in my rice cooker.  The first time I ever made quinoa, I made it on the stovetop and it boiled over on me, which was a disaster to clean.  So I was always intimidated to try it again since I thought I’d have to babysit

Crockpot Chicken and Pepper Dumplings

There’s a blizzard coming!  Not to CT for once though…and it kind of makes me laugh.  It’s supposed to be the worst blizzard to hit Washington D.C. in decades.  And two days before, they had a light snow fall of maybe an inch and there were hundreds of car accidents because they weren’t prepared.  I’d

Linguine with Clam Sauce

KB went on a big pasta with clam sauce kick a while ago.  Which is weird because he doesn’t really like shellfish.  When we first met (many moons ago), he was most definitely opposed to most seafood.  Since then he’s changed his mind on seafood and has become a sushi-lover.  But he still doesn’t like

Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

It’s not really winter.   I know, I know, I am probably jinxing myself, but the amount of snow we’ve had by January 16th this year is pathetic.  I’m not asking for a blizzard.  Just enough snow for the kids to make Olaf.  Living in the Northeast the past two and a half years, we’ve

Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells

I love butternut squash.  Something about the sweetness of the squash once it’s been roasted and the fact that it’s actually good for you.  The only hard part is the prep.  I feel like once you cut the squash in half, it’s MUCH easier.  All you have to do is scoop the seeds out, place