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Balsamic Roasted Asparagus

Balsamic Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus is one of those vegetables that is…well…interesting.  First, think about the name.  Asparagus.  It just sounds funny.  I looked it up and it has Latin origins and means “sprouting or shooting” grass.  Interesting.  Another thing I find interesting about asparagus is the different varieties – white and green.  Complete opposites in color yet similar

The BEST Pimento Cheese – Grilled Pimento Cheese and Bacon Sandwich

Pimento cheese.  What can I say about pimento cheese?  It’s a delightful spread or relish that is made of cheese.  Also known as the caviar of the South, everyone has their own recipe for pimento cheese.  Maybe I’m a good Southerner (or at least Southern Californian) because I have my own recipe for pimento cheese.  And

Black and Tan Brownies

I love to bake.  There I said it.  I love to bake. I think there’s something satisfying about baking that is rather cathartic to me.  I like baking because you can follow a recipe – or adapt it – and come out with an end product that is…tasty! I love to bake with booze.  I

Caramelized Onion and Bacon Foccacia

I admit it.  I love onions.  And I love bacon.  I love caramelized bacon and onions.  And not only that – I love carbs.  So it makes perfect sense to me that I would like caramelized onion and bacon foccacia.  I’m always looking for some kind of bread that is pretty easy for me to

Lime and Beer Marinated Flank Steak

I love Spring.  I mean who doesn’t?  It’s great to get over the ho-hum winter we’ve had.  Especially up here in the North East.  I really miss Washington State.  The winters were mild and around now, I would get to see all the trees with their blossoms and enjoy My Mountain and a little bit

Mexican Sour Cream Rice Bake

I love Mexico.  KB and I have many fond memories together there.  We first went there together on our honeymoon to Cancun.  Since then, we have been several times to the West Coast of Mexico visiting his aunt, Tante Beate who has a cute little house in San Jose Del Cabo.  We have also been to Rosarito,

Hot Cross Buns

It’s Easter time and we celebrate it in the Beckmann house.  Also, I love that the weather is getting nicer now, so we can do our Easter egg hunt outside.  Around Easter time I also see an abundance of hot cross buns in the grocery store.  And it reminds me of growing up.  Not that

Soy Sauce Eggs

I was watching Chopped Canada the other night.  Not because I’m Canadian, not because I enjoy Chopped Canada more than the regular Chopped, but probably because it was on and I had nothing else to do.  And one of the ingredients in the basket was 1,000 year old eggs.  So I started thinking about eggs. 

Lavender Scones with Clotted Cream

Every once in a while, you have the opportunity to try something that is life changing.  For me that was clotted cream on a warm scone.  Now mind you – I’ve never really been a big fan of scones.  I find some of them dry and crumbly.  But the day I first had clotted cream

Sangria – 2 ways

I went on a bit of a sangria bender over the weekend.  The weather’s been getting nicer and we’ve been outdoors so much more.  And therefore I felt the need to make sangria.  2 ways.  Just because.  Well the first time wasn’t an accident.  And I went to the store with the intent to get