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Seasoned Cube Steak with Onion Jam

Seasoned Cube Steak with Onion Jam

I’ve never cooked a cube steak.  Until the other day.  We don’t eat a lot of red meat and I don’t cook a lot of steak – because both KB and I like it barbecued, and normally, he likes to be the one to barbecue.  But the other day I was inspired by a show

Shrimp and Orzo Salad

KB doesn’t like shrimp.  Or lobster.  I question his motives, but he says it’s because of the texture.  I think he’s crazy because shrimp and lobster are fantastic!   So whenever he takes me out, I like to order lobster and he has to pay.  Hah. But that also means that I don’t get to cook

Ham Salad

I made a ham salad sandwich the other day for lunch.  It’s kind of like tuna or egg salad, but with ham.  Normally ham doesn’t sound too appealing to me, not sure why, since I LOVE bacon and they are both pork products, but there are some times of the year that I have an

Kahlua Brownies with Browned Butter Icing

It’s probably not the best thing to be obsessed with – boozy baking.  But it’s probably not the worst.  I think there’s something satisfying about baking, which is why I do it so often.  Of course it’s dangerous to be around when I bake because I like to share the wealth with my friends. So

Cheesy Vegetable Moussaka

Since I’m on my culinary “adventure” – I’m all about trying new recipes.  One day, my friend Melissa posted about how delicious the Cheesy Vegetable Moussaka from this month’s Cooking Light magazine was.  She said it tasted even better after a day or two in the refrigerator.  So I decided to take a hit for the team and

Avocado Rolls

Every once in a while, I find myself in the predicament of trying to use up something I bought on a whim that is about to go bad.  Like the 3 lbs of avocados I bought at Costco because I was craving (1) avocado.  And then I only used 1, and had a whole bag

Asian Pepper Steak with Noodles

I love Chinese food.  Maybe it’s because I’m Asian.  Or maybe because it’s something about the flavor combinations with the salty-sweet that I like.  Who knows.  But I’m always trying out new Chinese food recipes that I can make at home instead of ordering in a restaurant.  The problem with Chinese food in the restaurant

Vodka Micheladas

I never really knew what a michelada was until I got my most recent issue of Food and Wine magazine in the mail the other day.  I was browsing through it and found two recipes that looked so interesting I had to try.  So the first one was for jalapeno and citrus infused vodka.  I

Corned Beef Hash

OK – I promise this will be the last post that has anything to do with corned beef.  Because I used the last of my once-a-year brisket last night for hash.  Which means that I have nothing left to make until next year!  So let me just start by saying hash is probably one of

Irish Soda Bread

Having never been to Ireland but always wanting to go, I decided to make Irish Soda Bread the other day.  Maybe it was the fact that I was on pinterest and everyone was pinning Irish recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, maybe not.  But the other day, I was a little stressed out and decided