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Bourbon – Candied Bacon

Bourbon – Candied Bacon

I love bacon!  I don’t think I could ever be a vegetarian because I love bacon too much.  Or maybe I could be a vegetarian that eats bacon.  Is that such a thing?  Would it be a baconatarian?  I think there’s something about those crispy little strips that is just addicting.  I’ve tried plain bacon,

Muffin Mania – Blueberry Muffins with Bourbon Vanilla Streusel

It was muffin mania at the Beckmann house the other day.  I was on a roll – made 2 different types of muffins for KB to take into work. I had some blueberries that I wanted to use up, and so I decided to modify the blueberry muffin recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks

Cheesy – Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Every time I make meatloaf it turns out a little different.  Sometimes it feels like I put everything but the kitchen sink in there!  Of course I always wrap it in bacon, but that’s because I love bacon!  You could easily lighten this recipe up: swap out the ground beef/pork/veal mixture for ground turkey, leave out

Pumpkin-Cream Cheese Muffins

When I think about muffins, I usually think about how much I love to eat the muffin tops!  Really, I could eat the muffin top and throw away the rest of the muffin.  Of course, it being January, everyone is probably thinking about losing their muffin tops instead of eating them.  But you can’t beat

Mexican Shepherd’s Pie

It snowed yesterday and a friend of mine was making shepherd’s pie for dinner.  It sounded so good while I was on the train on the way home from New York, so I decided to make a Mexican version for dinner tonight.  You know you have a home-run when your 19 month old is shoving it in his


So my foodie partner in crime and older sister – self-described-math-lover, Marie came to visit me over winter break.  And of course, in some of our many food discussions we started talking about Chopped and how much we would love to be on it. Marie came up with the bright idea that we should have

Just getting started…..

So probably the last thing this world needs is another food blog…and the last thing I need is something else to do.  What with my full time job, my two kids, keeping house, being in the Coast Guard Reserve and my new part-time job.  But here goes…my first post! Flank Steak Pinwheels I got inspired


Things will be up and running shortly!